Wafer Paper Flowers Designs from Simply Charming Cakes.

Wafer Paper Flowers
Priced individually
Floral sugarcraft can make your cake SPECTACULAR. Created petal by petal and wired together and arranged for stunning individual placement. Made of wafer paper, they can be saved as a treasured reminder of your special day.

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1. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0016.jpg 2. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0015.jpg 3. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0014.jpg 4. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0013.jpg 5. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0012.jpg
6. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0011.jpg 7. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0010.jpg 8. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0009.jpg 9. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0008.jpg 10. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0007.jpg
11. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0006.jpg 12. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0005.jpg 13. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0004.jpg 14. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0003.jpg 15. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0002.jpg
16. wafer_paper_flowers wafer_paper0001.jpg